Experience The Natural Wonders of Yellowstone National Park

Experience The Natural Wonders of Yellowstone National Park

Simply put, Yellowstone National park is made up of three thousand square miles of the most beautiful and rugged wilderness in the entire world. The park hosts millions of visitors from all over the map that all come to see these natural wonders. In this post I’ll highlight just a few of Yellowstone’s most breath taking attractions. The video below provide by Expedia gives a great preview of what you can expect when you visit.

The Geysers

I wanted to start here because out of all the amazing spectacles in the park, the geysers are the most famous. The Grand Prismatic Spring is truly one of the most visually beautiful things I have ever seen in person. It is currently the biggest hot spring in the US and ranks third in the entire world. While some people might try and and scare you by applying there could be another volcano eruption anytime, it’s something monitored very closing and is not estimated to happen anytime soon. While a pleasure to look at, its important to remember never to enter the waters here as the can reach boiling temperatures.

You might have heard of the most well know geyser already, Old Faithful! Why does it have that name? Well, it erupts every 30 to 90 minutes on demand which always draws a crowd. Early explorers even used Old Faithful to wash their cloths due to the boiling water it sprays into the air.

The Diverse Wild Life

Another big attraction that pulls visitors to the park is it being a nature preserve for a host of different animals. The park is home to dear, elk, big horn sheep, the lynx, and most widely know for having the biggest natural heard of bison. While most of the wildlife is timid and reclusive, the bison are quite the opposite. They are often seen crossing the roads and don’t seem to mind holding up visitor traffic. While they are mostly considered gentle giants its very important to remember that these are extremely powerful beasts that can do great harm or even kill if they fell threaten by humans. Keep a safe distance while viewing these magnificent creatures.

Best Times To Visit Yellowstone

Most locals will agree that the best times of year to visit would be between April through May and between September through October. The offer mild weather and will help you avoid the huge crowds that flock to the ark in the summer months due to families on summer vacation. Visit Natural Park Service for more info on planning your stay. You surely won’t be let down.